Lecturing and Teaching

Jonathan has been invited to lecture on the great pianists of the past and their recordings at Stanford University in California, the Great Romantics Festival in Canada and presented a series of lectures over three terms at Trinity College of Music in London.

In April 2012 he was invited to return to Stanford to lecture on Scottish pianist and Liszt pupil Frederic Lamond at Reactions to the Record III.

With his vast and comprehensive knowledge of the piano repertoire, Jonathan teaches a small number of students in the traditions of the pianists of the past, particularly the Leschetizky school, having studied with pianist Michal Hambourg for ten years. She studied with her father Mark Hambourg (who went to Leschetizky at the age of twelve) and Katherine Goodson, also a renowned Leschetizky pupil.

Jonathan is available for academic lectures or talks to audiences of varying requirements.

Please contact Jonathan for the possibility of tuition.