The Governing Body of The Royal Academy of Music has elected Jonathan Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM).

An Associateship may only be awarded to past students of the Academy who have distinguished themselves in the music profession and made a significant contribution to it in their particular field.

Jonathan is..

...fifteen where he continued his studies full-time at eighteen gaining a graduate degree.

Full-time at eighteen gaining a graduate degree.

Richard Goode

“Some people are said to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of music. Jonathan Summers is one of the few who has actually written an encyclopaedia: his A to Z of Pianists is an amazing treasure trove of information about the performers and their recordings. Jonathan simply knows more about these and other musical subjects than almost anyone I have ever encountered. As well as being a scholar, he is also a musician of deeply romantic sensibility. One can hear this in his lovely songs, which should be better known, and in his playing, which shows a great affinity with the freedom of nineteenth century traditions. He is one of the most versatile musicians I know.”

Stephen Hough

“Jonathan Summers is one of the most knowledgeable and sensitive musicians I know. Those who have read his scholarly writings might not be aware of his beautiful pianism or his beautiful songs. He is someone who knows and loves music from the inside.”

Nelson Freire

“In my opinion, Jonathan Summers is a most gifted and nice man, besides being a dear friend. His A-Z collection is a must for every piano lover.”